why wait

this summer i have found myself waking up at 5 am and not able to go back to sleep, and my recent trip to astoria was no exception. since i was in a four person dorm style hostel room, i decided to just go ahead and get up and walk the river until a coffee shop opened up. with the cool coastal air mixed with a warm cup of coffee, i contemplated why i was waiting to start my walk until i turned 50. why was i waiting a year and a half? whats the point? have more money saved up? be better prepared? i could go to kansas in may when my niece graduates from high schools (and so many may birthdays), why don’t i make a long visit, toss in some explorations of colorado, and just leave when i get back? these questions came up no matter where i went: sitting outside a funky bar talking to some locals, walking the beach as the sunset, drinking fantastic beer in the sunshine…and i had no answers.

some of the biggest logistical things that have kept me confused are what happens when our lease is up in may? what if i can’t find anything affordable to live in until i am ready to leave (this is super real in the portland housing market)? plus i am ready to go. i am already in the frame of mind of preparations. everyone i talk to is super supportive. why wait?

so i’m not!

i am going to plan a trip to kansas /colorado/utah in may and then come back, put on the pack and leave! that gives me 8 months, roughly, to get it all together as much as possible. at this point i just kind of have to wait and see what kind of winter we will be having to know what direction i want to go, or if it’s a high snow year, how i can skirt around it as much as possible in the early season.

so, there you have it! i upped the time frame and its all systems go! i’ve got plans to talk to work about how my schedule might change so that i can make the plans and take some classes to learn a few more skills. i’ll need to take off and dial in a few new pieces of gear ans systems for more versitility. locate resupply options. do some fundraising.


2 thoughts on “why wait

  1. As your elderly aunt, who will be 68 two days after you turn 50, go ahead and do it! Don’t wait or you may be unable physically to take this on. You go, Girl!


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