me and paco ride again

i’ve started another adventure with paco.

and i’ve started a different job

before i start this i want to be clear about a few things. i did really enjoy housekeeping (mostly its hard work with little reward other than a job well done), i really enjoyed my manager and her assistant (i would do anything for them…really!), i also enjoyed those i work with. what i didn’t enjoy was the class issues that came with it and the condescending attitudes of others’ when i told them what i did to earn money.

so, ya, i quite my job.

well first i started a 2nd job bartending again. it’s been awhile since i’d done this type of work. at first i just thought i would do it for a day or 2 to help out. but then i remembered what i like about it.

i found myself making more money in less time. i had conversations with people and not just in my head or respond to whatever podcast i was listening to while working. i had actual in person real time conversations.

on top of it all, i wasn’t really getting in the hours i needed to since summer is slower up here and only making $15 bucks an hour (well we did get a 17% cost of living adjustment, which they called an across the board raise for everyone due to inflation, and p.s. its not a raise its a COLA, remember those? people would get them usually at the first of the year as a cost of living adjustment separate from one’s yearly wage based on performance).

[for more on the wage issues, so my latest post at deep thoughts hard feelings]

so after working my ass off at both jobs for awhile, i. quite the housekeeping gig. it wasn’t an easy decision. besides working with great people, my housing was also tied to that job. so quitting also meant being houseless.

housing is tough up here, like everywhere. pricing isn’t as bad as other places, but since there is hardly any inventory, its not just hard to find a place one can afford, but any place at all.

so i moved back into paco, the truck. she is great. last night we slept out on the mesa with all the stars. this morning we woke to an amazing sunrise and the chomping of big horn sheep nearby.

its a good life i get to live.

now, i have the time to write in the morning before work can sap my energy. and i can get in my fitness time and some reading before i’m too tired to think about anything except food and rest.

so here i am. embarking on a new adventure. i don’t know where this one will take me, but i feel good for the first time in a very long time. i don’t have nearly as much stress. i spend more time out doors, which i love. i have a little money in the bank. i work for a nice family. i found an amazing acupuncturist to help me with some injuries. and i am sleeping better than ever.

so yup. life is good. sure there are the usual life stressors, but now i feel all the better available to be present and flexible enough to face them.